Malthus Traganther

Merchant, acting as mayor of the island settlement


Slightly overweight, but with a tanned and healthy demeanor. He looks as if he has lost weight recently.


Malthus is a wealthy merchant from Fallcrest, and head of the Blackstone Trading Company. During a trade expedition, his ship was blown off course during a storm and crashed into an unexplored island in the former no-man’s-land. When he and his crew landed, they encountered some friendly Goblins that helped them to survive, build a few shelters, and establish a rudimentary farm.

With the goblin’s help, they eventually discovered an abandoned mine that provided a wealth of jewels and ore. After about 8 months, the ship was repaired and a small crew brought some of the riches back to Fallcrest. A few more workers were hired and brought back to the island in secret to continue working the mines, building the village, and farming.

The secret was eventually discovered by those outside of “the company”, but as of yet the populace has only heard rumors of a mysterious island.

Malthus hired the PC’s via his agents in the Nentir Vale. He needed a hardy group of explorers to map out the island, as most of it remains unexplored. There are also various threats and mysteries which require armed and capable folk to deal with. It is for these reasons you have been brought to the island.

Malthus Traganther

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