Blackstone Isle


...and Mudslides, and Bears, oh my!

Upon waking in the morning, Jaxar Ironvein asked Ghesh about his dreams. Apparently, the dragonborn had been quite restless and talked in his sleep all night long. The encounter in the mines had weighed heavily upon him due to his history as a slave.

Jaxar gave the paladin a set of armor, and gave Carric and Goel a set of amulets as payment for their clearing Mine #1 of its ghost. He then told them to check back in with Malthus Traganther, as the next supply ship is supposed to be docking soon.

When they arrived at the docks, they noticed that a small group of armed soldiers disembarked, as well as a young elven wizard. The wizard turned out to be Elam, the apprentice of Nimozaran the Green, the High Septarch of Fallcrest. Carric and Goel recognized the younger wizard immediately, as he is a fellow member of the Adventurer’s Guild in Fallcrest. Elam had journeyed across the sea with materials and instructions to prepare a one-way transportation circle for his boss. Malthus had hired Nimozaran to take care of the magic painting hanging in his house.

Elam set up the circle, and when Nimozaran arrived, he and Malthus went off to discuss the painting. Elam joined up with the rest of the group, and they continued their exploration of the island – starting with the Fenwood.

In the first area, they heard a large bear foraging nearby, but managed to avoid it.

In the second area, they encountered a small goblin encampment. The goblins were orange-skinned and friendly. However, the bear had tracked the group back to this area and began to close in. Elam and Goel managed to halt the bear’s attack with a combination of magic and appealing to the bear’s emotions (or whatever it was the Goel did…) The bear went back into the woods, and the group questioned the goblins about the rest of the forest. They told of another small clan of goblins, and of a crazy lady that sets traps on the east side of the woods.

The groups went off in search of the crazy lady, and encountered a few traps on the way. In one rather swampy area, they also caused a mudslide, bringing some hungry crocs and a few centipedes out of the mud. After fighting them off, they eventually discovered a white cactus that shoots poisoned barbs. They marked this location on the map, and continued their journey…


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