Blackstone Isle

Session 2 - Spiders and Ghosts

Malthus gave you a map of all the explored locations on the island. There are quite a few empty areas he would like you to fill in, and several dangerous threats to be neutralized.

As you are planning your next step, the town bell starts ringing furiously. It seems that the lighthouse has been overrun with spiders. Cyntia and her husband Reg are the keepers of the lighthouse. She just rowed to shore without him and related the following facts:

  • Reg had gotten bored with tending the lighthouse and started digging up the tower ruins on their little island.
  • He found a silver dagger in the ruins, which only encouraged him to explore further.
  • He eventually moved enough rock to uncover a small trapdoor.
  • When opened, giant spiders poured form the trapdoor and killed him.

Cyntia barely escaped with her life. Besides being distraught over her husband’s death, she is terrified and will not go back to the island.

You traveled to the island and killed the spiders. You recovered the dagger, and found the trapdoor. Under it was a small basement with only a magic circle etched into the floor. It seems to be a transportation circle, but no one could figure out how to activate it, or even if it would work.

After re-lighting the fire for the lighthouse, you signaled Malthus to send a new lighthouse keeper, put Reg’s body back in the house, and departed for the mainland.

Later, you decided to explore the island and set out for the mines. You reached the counting house and met Jaxar Ironvein, the mining foreman. He described the problems with the original mine, and how the goblins won’t go there anymore because it is haunted. Also, that the last two people that went in to investigate never came out.

You went into the mine (much to the chagrin of Ghesh), and encountered the ghost of Anarus Kalton and two zombies. After killing them, you let Jaxar know the mine was clear. Resting in the counting house, you tended your wounds and considered your next actions.



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