Blackstone Isle

Session 1 - Arrival

Hired by Malthus Traganther as explorers and “protection” for the island settlers, you braved a month-long journey to a mysterious, newly-discovered island. As you stepped out onto the dock, you were met by a horde of yellow-skinned goblins who appear to be the servants of anyone who gives them directions. Also, your employer met you and described a sensitive situation he is having.

He is building his modest mansion on the island, and is stocking it with various artwork. One of the paintings purchased for him by his agents on the mainland turned out to have some sort of curse or something…whenever moonlight hits the painting, several dangerous animals are spawned. They wreck the house, injure or kill anyone that gets in their way, and eventually run off into the forest.

The painting seemingly cannot be destroyed, as it visits any injury back onto the attacker. It also can’t be pulled off the wall.

You ventured into the mansion, found the painting, and waited until the moon came out. Sure enough, a clutch of drakes appeared which you quickly dispatched. During the battle, Goel discovered that even something as small as a thrown pebble bounces back and hits the attacker.

You advised Malthus to build a wall in front of the painting, or to try destroying the wall around the painting to see if the whole wall can be moved out of the house.


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